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Default Re: Hookahpro shirts

here's a quick idea, what about spliting the shirt earnings like this...

first off the cost of the shirt and time+ink and recorces used one part
next part goes twards keeping the site up and also advertising on other sites and such
and the final part goes twards more contests(with prizes) and also give-aways

I was in a school club and I was in charge of a lot more of the fundraising and busniess part of it and this is simmilar to one of the more simple ideas I came up with that we did with what we earned with t-shirt money, and not to brag or anything (okay just a little) we did quite well and got a bunch more people to join our group and have more parties than ever before in the 12 or so year history of the club....

so yeah...just an idea for how to get thaty aspect of it done
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