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Default Re: the smoke is warm and tasteless?

Originally Posted by denali7432 View Post
ok i think i found the problem, the part where the stem connects to the vase..there is a big black rubber pieace..and what i have been doing is i couldnt get the hookah in before because it was so tight, so i would use a little big of moisturizer and it would slide in easy..but now the black gromet doesnt seem to be sealing all the way..i can grab the stem in the middle and bend it gentle to the left and right and i can see the black gromet move from the vase opening..any fixes for this?
you might have killed the grommet, depending what material the grommet is and what moisturizers you used it could have started to break it down, and may need to be replaced. what is usually suggested (in writing on the myas at least) is to just use water to let it seat in, and from my experience it seems to work well.

i would pull the grommet out, wipe it as dry as you could and let it chill for a couple of days and see if it broke down much. if it did you could try to put some tape on the stem under where the grommet sits to tighten it back up, if the grommet is screwed you could try to just use some tape to fully seal it up until you get a new grommet.

also make sure that you are mixing the tobacco up well before packing it.

lately i have not been having good luck with starbuzz for some reason, not sure if its that the tub i have has been open for a while and was losing some moisture ( the flavor was slightly changing, blue mist) and i just have not been getting great smoke out of it and having some what similar things as you mention but not as bad (but everything else smokes fine so ive tracked part of the issue to the tobacco)

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