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Default Healthy Hookah Lungs

Alright, so I'm sure many are afraid and even scarred to bring up healthy issues involved with smoking....anything...weither it's cigars, cigarettes or our beloved hookah.

Our lungs are at risk yes?

Well I'm here to help. Through my own personal experience with smoking, I have learned a way to keep my lungs in tip top shape, and do not laugh, for you might think it childish.

Breathing exercises.
Seriously, I'm glad I'm a musician because otherwise I wouldn't have realized how much it helps me!

I will post up some exsample of breathing exercises on here when i get back from class.

But a warning, if you have never done a breathing WILL knock you on your ass. Make sure your by a bed or something, because the "XXXX" or "buzz" off of doing this at massive and can often leave one disoriented and sick.

Basically your conditioning your lungs, it's like a work out, it gets easier and easier each time, and you are able to do more.
Plus Breathing exercises, are just freaking good for you in general.

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