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Default Re: Is our hobby going to vannish?

I don't see hookah as dieing off, but perhaps slacking back down to the same level as say 10 years ago.

Many different reasons, most of them have pushed Nargile to the level of "fad" status - when many realize the time and money really spent, it will fade alittle. But you will have the few from before as well as some new "blood" that embrace it - no matter how new age it tries to become. Many people do enjoy the ritual of the set-up - those will be the life blood.

As to the tobacco taxes, bans and such not.... as much as so many people scream bloody murder at it - it hasn't disappeared yet. Tobacco, in one form or another, has been around for a LONG time. It still is a "cash crop". If they were to outlaw tobacco - half of the American Ecomony (more so than it already is, mind you) would collaspe. Alot of money is tied into Tobacco. As such, it won't completely disappear, atleast for a good long time.

When it is no longer a "money making" item or becomes a true "margin loss" comodity, then it will die off.

Think about it this way - more people die each year becasue of Alcholo or alcholo related activies than smoking. Have they outlawed booze yet?
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