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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Blending Tombac

A pretty neat thing happened recently when I went into the city that I figured I’d write about here. As I was putting a bunch of groceries into my sidecar I saw a kid about 14 wearing an Antidote t-shirt which totally surprised me. For those of you under 40 Antidote was a totally bad ass straight edge/vegan hardcore band from New York City during the early/mid 80s. Needles to say I went and talked to the kid and found out that apparently a lot kids are into old school hardcore which is pretty wild. After a few minutes his older brother saunters up wearing a Minor Threat t-shirt , they were a great straight edge hardcore band from D.C. during the early/mid 80, and carrying a narghile in a case. The little kid took off and the big brother and I started talking about moassel stuff. Since the poor kid had only smoked typical fruity stuff and since we were near a little café run by a Turkmen family I decided to treat my new friend to lunch and a smoke.

When we went in we had a pleasant lunch and were walking towards the back room reserved for male smokers when a girl that works there named Elif that works there stopped me to introduce us to her grandfather who came in from Ashgabat. We chatted a bit and he offered to show me how to prepare tombac “the old Turkman way.”

Basically, what he did is soaked equal amounts of what he calls “bright” (light, golden coloured) tombac with what called “Jordanian or Iranian blackened” tombac in two different bowls for about 10 minutes. He then took the soaked tombac, stripped out the stems and mixed it with some flake style Oriental pipe tobacco he mixed with some molasses and let sit over night in the fridge. Next, he mixed the 3 together in equal parts and drizzled on some more molasses and mixed everything. Finally he baked it in an oven at a low temp (I could pick up the plate with just a napkin) for about 20 minutes.

I said something like “why not just have one type of tombac that you squeeze out the liquid from and smoke it” and the old gent replied “that is way you smoke when you are poor and suffering. This way of smoking makes you glad to be living.”

The mixture is then placed in a tombac type bowl ( a wide, shallow bowl for smoking tombac in see for an example) which was covered with a metal screen like you see on a screen door. He then filled the base with a mixture of water and rose syrup. Finally he got out a massive leather hose with a very wide mouth piece made of vulcanite (just like a pipe mouth piece) and placed the coals on the screen.

And we spent a very pleasant hour chatting, drinking coffee and smoking. The flavour of the mixture was simply an amazing mix of floral, spices and sweet tones. Like nothing I’ve ever tried before. What is so great about this sorting of mixture is that anyone can do this at home and everything can be bought easily in the U.S. save the hose and bowl although I bet that vortex bowl and a Namour hose will work almost as well.

I hope some of you guys this delightful practice a try.
This is a really interesting story!!
i im gonna give this a try sometime soon because i am groing sick of sweet artifical flaviors!
would a phunnel bowl work for this or is that way off??
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