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Default Re: CONTEST: Kickin' Off 2009 With FREE Hookah Tobacco!

So hey everyone, def got bored, and tally'd up everyones vids.
I only counted people who had posted 10 video's or more, reviews or not, this is only a video count.
So the top ten video posters ARE!

1.) Photolinger(45)
2.) Bradedup(44)
3.) aar0n(42)
4.) Jayrunner89(41)
5.) Phatpride1 and JillyIsJustKidding (tie with 37)
6.) Patelbadboy2006 (28)
7.) dragginskulls (22)
8.) matt_attack757 (20)
9.) KillerB (15)
10.) Sambooka and Pixelz (13)

Took me a long time to count everyone, so you better appreciate it peoples!
lol nah it's kool, but as of Feb 10, 2009, that is your top ten people!
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