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Default Re: The perfect hose

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
well im putting the final tuches on the CAD drawings for the ends. I have decided to certianly make this hose modular with replaceable parts so a whole hose replacement would not be required if there out of warrenty or maby you would like to change it up with colors or somthing the first runs will be in clear acrylic because i have some leftover drop-offs from another job to play with. i have decides to also sodium bicabinate bath all items before assemblie to elivate the nasty new hose taste that some new hoses have, i dont think you can get rid of it all but surely should make it better tasting smoke from the start. For now for the first i try for my self im going to try a o-ringed socket fitting to see how it works that way if your o-rings get lose you can just replace them. unlike the razan i have where the grommet became lose fitting and the mouth piece would leak cause its lose grommet. I was thinking that i would make them screw together but my worry would be that people would over tighten them or cross thread them. Then if i try to make a really corse thread so they were hard to coss thread they could crack eaisly from over tightning or leak due to the lack of sealing surface. I think this o-ring idea i have will work grat buy im gonna try to make a few and throw them out there for people to try.
good ideas, the oring idea is perfect, just make sure to use a very common oring so users can go to the hard ware store or the like and grab them.

good choice on ditching the thread idea, its great on paper but you thoughts are good about people messing them up, and acrylic i dont think will take it very well like you said.

i love the idea of it being modular but make sure the seals have a lot of play in them so that they seal well and wont slip out, there are already enough places a hookah can leak air in (but you seem to be on the up and up in your technical stuff so i dont think you will have an issue.

something to think about though is the disposable mouth tips, just make sure they can use a standard female tip should be rather easy and as long as its not a huge gauge hole your golden .

i look forward to see your product and hope it all works out well

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