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Default Re: Is our hobby going to vannish?

Originally Posted by boomhauer
tripple post ftw!

it wont die down, one of the reasons why it got bigger recently was because of the war and when the troops come back some day it will get bigger. think of it maybe like pizza was after WWII, people came back from europe and loved pizza so asked for something to be made and now pizza is a multi-billion dollar industry. pizza in the states and from italy is different entirely in taste so they didnt re-create it and when people want pizza what do they do? they go to a pizza joint or buy an already frozen one and pop it in the oven but they dont make it from scratch very often. hookah will be similar and it will get bigger and people will save the setup by people going to a hookah bar.

atleast thats how i see it
Not sure your comparison is too sound in that pizza existed in the states as far back as the 20s and it got hugely popular after Italian immigration wained and a good deal after WWII so I don’t see the connection.

As to America’s various wars of imperialism helping our hobby I guess I don’t know about that either. Given that neither Iraq or Afghanistan have reliable electricity, sewage processing, safe water, a functional economy or even reasonable safety from being dismembered I doubt that narghile use is much of a priority for anyone locally. Besides with something like a quarter of all Iraqis being refugees I doubt that much of a narghile trade exists let alone the opportunity for Americans to learn much about it. Anyone want to lay odds on your chance of getting Al Fakher and 3 King coals outside the “green zone” unless an American mail orders it from here?

Obviously, A bunch of G.I.s will see them and some will try them out but I don’t know if that will translate into a huge base of support for us. Back in the Vietnam era narghile like pipes never really made much of an impact although such things are very common in South East Asia I am told.

Still, it would be great if you’re right about this one.
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