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Originally Posted by Ninorey123 View Post
i've been hearing really good reviews from this from other sources. like for herbal it totally owns. can you tell us more about it? like is it using shredded sugarcane like the other brands? and you say it tastes like diet soda, whch flavor did you try?
I have 2 in my "hookah closet" now. Let me whip them out real quick...

Okay, I purchased "melon dew" and "black widow". Black Widow is a blackberry flavor. It had a dulled down taste to it such as a diet soda. Could definitely be the flavor because I have not tried the melon flavor. Like I said before, this smokes great but you definitely will taste an interesting herb flavor followed with an interesting/weird aftertaste.

Sorry about the picture, camera was being lame!!! As you can see though, it is completely straw like throughout which is very interesting... It does at times taste like you are smoking dirt/earth lol. Also I take back the comment (earlier) about their being juice in here. It's pretty dry!

(Again, it still smokes pretty well!)
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