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Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
The tangiers bowl is a very simple design for a very simple purpose.

What happens when you have a really wet tobacco in a normal bowl? the juice drips down. well, lets stop the drip!!!!

Lets place the holes up higher, well fuck, we only really need one if we are gonna do that....ok. BOWL MADE.

then this scalliwag guy comes around and says, well fuck, i still want the smoke to come in through the bottom instead of the top of the tobacco, the bottom being wetter. Ok lets make a cap so it comes in from the bottom.

Cool. Done.

In practice, it doesnt matter, you can smoke whatever you want in a regualr clay bowl and have a great experience. If you blindfolded anyone here, they wouldnt be able to tell you the difference.

I still have a tangiers bowl, I still use this bowl....for wet tobacco's only. It makes it easier to clean the stem when sticky tobacco juice isnt inside of it.

As for the scallimod....well I use it when I dont have access to heavy duty foil. The weaker foil will sag in the middle of the bowl, so that the hole is covered by the foil, that is to say, there is now space between the foil and the hole, making it really hard to get any smoke it. The scallimod prevented that for me....but if I use regular foil I'm ok. Its also used as a tobacco saver by many instead.

Basically said, both the bowl and mod are clever inventions in that they are simplistic, but most of it is a whole lot of BS.
The Phunnel bowl is meant to add length and flavor to the smoking session. In my opinion, it does a GREAT job. And you are right, it is meant for smoking a wet tobacco.

I only smoke Nakhla from an Egyptian bowl, as it never works for me in a Phunnel, ever, Mod or not. The flavor of the Nakhla is great, and strong flavors all around, and it lasts about an hour; but when I'm using Fumari in an Egyptian bowl I get about 30 minutes of a great smoke before it dies. In a Phunnel, that goes on for more than an hour, sometimes 2.

Not using a phunnel bowl for wet tobacco will not let you have the greatest sessions you can have. Cleanliness is also a good aspect. If it's your thing, smoke quality is really not based on the bowl itself, but both the Phunnel and Egyptian smoke very smoothly. Also, smoking Desi out of an Egyptian is quite a hassle.
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