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Default Re: Is our hobby going to vannish?

Thikn it's going to go the way of platform shoes and the lava lamp? LoL maybe
What i've noticed is it is kind of outta control. You can get a Hookah almost ANYWHERE in NYC as well as Shisha.
To some, maybe most it is kind of a fad; when that goes a lot of the hookah base establishments might go with it - but not all of them.

People who are ohnestly into hookah - the togetherness it brings, the culture, true loves of their brand of shisha and the people who like the hookah to match them rather then their living room, it'll be so much the better when the crazy dies down a little bit.

In no time at all I have seen some real trendiness - but what can ya do. For not it only stands to help people who have a true intrest. At least for now.

I'm more for waiting it out and seeing how it goes. the Hookahs aren;t going to go anywhere and the Shisha is going to be here to stay.

So let's see what goes on down the road.
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