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Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
I don't know of anyone that knows exactly why the mod works so well... but it does.
I know why.. here you go :

Check the airflow pattern and you'll see why the mod works. It draws the hot air off the coals further down to the bottom of the bowl, vaporizing the glycerine and molasses sitting at the bottom, not just burning whats on top of the bowl like the one without the mod.

The mod doesnt burn the shisha any faster than without, the rate of vaporization is the same, however you're actually getting ALL the moassel hot now instead of just the top. An even burning bowl will die faster than a bowl thats only half burning.

Just think of a coal : If half the coal is lit, the other half wont burn, where as a coal thats fully lit burns at an even rate.

Plus the mod takes up space, meaning you use less moassel than you would without a mod.

Smaller Amount + Better Heat Distribution = a shorter lasting smoke, but a higher quality one.

Now this is, of course, all in theory, I dont use a mod just because Im not really interested in trying one out or making one.

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