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Default Re: Tobacco prices on the rise!

What you guys ought to be worried about is not the tax increases so much as the coming tidal wave of inflation. Having and extra 1-4 buck price increase per 250g is nothing compared with what will happen as the value of the dollar sinks. Anyone see how the world wide financial markets are doing today in response to the Obama spending plan? Basically the American government is gearing up the printing presses to churn out an additional 3 000 000 000 000 which when added to a public sector deficit bigger then the GDP and unsustainable private sector debt many times the global GDP the cost of absolutely everything (not just moassel) will raise at such a rate that the stagflation of the Carter era will look positively idyllic.

In most countries shockingly high tobacco prices support a welfare state and health care programs. In the U.S. it looks like it'll just dribble away into TARP like spending programs. I guess now is the time to buy tobacco since you may not be able to a month or two from now unless you hit powerball or get a really fat raise.

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