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Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
In reading this post it really makes me value this community even more. To have the opportunity to learn about different types of tobacco and styles of smoking is wonderful and really entices me to learn more and experience more tobaccos.
Hajo you are very blessed to have the opportunity to meet so many people of different ages and backgrounds. The stories you could tell! To spend an afternoon drinking coffee and smoking with you and hearing of your travels would be a true pleasure.
Thanks for the kind words poppa. I suppose I am pretty lucky to get to meet the people I do and travel to the places I go and certainly i'd enjoy things a lot less without the tobacco element. As to stories, yeah I got a mountain of them and some are pretty funny/weird/scary. I can't recall if I wrote about the time I smoked with a bunch of Spetsnaz but that was pretty wild.

One great thing about tobacco is the lore behind it. It's a lot like brewing ale in that the history and culture incredibly rich and complicated.
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