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Default Re: Healthy Hookah Lungs

Being a musician and vocalist I do breathing exercises because I have to. Also, being old and not at all athletic I need to do a bit more to counter the effects of smoking. Partly I work around the house on construction type stuff but that is not enough although biking, swimming and walking helps. What I suggest is changing how you you smoke.

That means not inhaling but sipping the smoke as you would a great cigar or Western style pipe rather then making huge clouds and tugging on the hose like a vacuum cleaner. Next, keep everything you smoke through as clean as possible. Also, stick with natural coals and make sure they are totally cooked before using which is something people often don't bother with. You also need to smoke in moderation which to me means stick to a single bowl a day and know that if you are sick you need to give up tobacco for a while. Lastly, if you are pregnant or have any cardio-vascular troubles you should know that tobacco is not for you.
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