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Default Re: Is our hobby going to vannish?

I guess that no fad ever goes away but they do fade into the background, burble up and then fadeaway again. Just as an examples: 1) the whole skinhead thing was huge in late 60s, almost vanished in 70s and came back bigger then ever in the early 80s and returned again in the late 90s. 2) In the mid 60s wild garage rock was pretty popular and it died by '68, had a massive come back in the mid 80's and another one in the early 90s. 3) Hot Rod stuff was massively huge in the 50s and early 60s and although it never had a huge come back it has keep a decent sized following ever since.

Narghiles will likely rise in popularity for a couple of more years and then likely sink back to where it was 3 or 4 years back. Tons of people that like it now will give up on it when it's not so hip because most people are sheep. A lot the super heavy users will give up on it as their health wains. But no, I don't see it ending up like lava lamps or 8 track tapes for the simple reason that narghiles offer so much more then those kind of things ever did.
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