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Default Re: Tobacco prices on the rise!

Originally Posted by Lu1gi View Post
I am already sick of the socialist state that Obama and democrats in general are trying to create in a traditionally capitalist country... why must these people invade our country and pollute it with this centralized government policy, is it that hard to move to France or Sweden? Yahooo for having a black president, but what about the fact that his policies are closer to those of Josef Stalin than George Washington?
i dont want to make this a political debate but i have to say this. 1) we are basically the only western civilized nation with out a healthcare program, and most of the other countries run them fine and dont charge crazy taxes to do so yet still give docs, nurses, etc good pay. 2) obama is not socialist, the term is a misnomer used by far right opponents. 3) with out taxes our country falls apart, you need them so we dont have a 10 trillion buck deficit. capitalism and any other form of economy have flaws, our country is hitting a point where the flaws are about to topple and undermine the spirit of the system

any way, it will suck if shisha prices go up but o well, like HF said its the inflation that is killing us which is the cause of excessive spending causing debt that does not help our own economy and has no way of helping us back later on in any way financially. lets just hope that we dont turn into Zimbabwe where they cannot print high enough denominations of notes to keep up with inflation

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