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Default Re: Tobacco prices on the rise!

ya im not gonna try to keep a debate goin, but i just think that if one is gonna try to change the way a country is run, why on earth would they not go to a country that already imposes an economic system they so dearly want. Diversity is what makes the world go around.. at least thats what I believe. also, the 10 trillion buck defecit you speak of would be far smaller if we did not have $800B "economic stimulous" packages that drove us further into debt by adopting a policy that (oh man am i gonna catch hell from this one) did not work when it was applied in the first place, a world war fixed that one up. Now its obvious that a World War III is not something that we want to be happening, but its also obvious that , throughout history, government intervention has tended to fail because only so much can happen when it is directed by a single group of people. We need to get real , as americans, and realize that this country is no more for the people, run by the people, but run by a select group of rich people who play with issues that can severely hurt people without a large chunk of change saved up for times when the economy is in the shitter. Im sorry if this doesnt make sense to you guys, i am still young and believe I still have alot to learn, but this is what I believe at this juncture in my life. I love you all whether you are a socialist or a capitalist :-).
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