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Default Re: Tobacco prices on the rise!

Originally Posted by wonderland View Post
lol...hrmm im going to buy a few cows, grow a garden, can my garden goods, instal a wood burner, get a truckfull of tobacco and coals, get some solar panels, live in a bubble, and sharpen my knives and load my guns. lol wow naa im just going to stock up lol
my brother is kinda gona do that lol, and i dont think hes crazy for doing so. he already is in a bunch of co ops (gets crazy amounts for fruits and veggies for like 400 ish a year, he would pay 1000 at stores for the same and get crappy stuff compared to this, got a share of a cow so he got fresh unpasteurized milk and like 1/3 of the meat of a cow this year) he wants to go off the grid, already cans stuff, and wants to learn how to reload.

given he also is planing on buying a farm to do all this on so it makes a little more sense

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