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Originally Posted by mitchard View Post
I have really wanted to try some good tombac. I found some at a local shop but it didn't smoke right, probably my fault. I have really wanted to try some Desi too, but haven't seen it sold by the vendors I usually go through.

Side note: Fuck yeah, Antidote. Fuck yeah, Minor Threat. 90% of what I listen to is mid 80's - early 90's edge hardcore. Love me some Judge too.
Tombac is available from, but they don't have a great selection, and local Arabic and Indian grocery stores. Setup is very different then the normal stuff most people in the states smoke but if you want I can describe the simple method to do it. Also, a few thread are here on the subject so check out the search funtion.

It's great to run into someone that knows about real hard core since there is only a few of us here at HP. I am huge fan of the old DC stuff the later stuff on the Revelation/Schism labels like Judge, Breakdown and Project X. The stuff is way to PC and just flat out sucks.
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