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Default Re: 5ft brass hookah... need a little help

That is a fantastic piece with a very nice looking tombac style bowl. That sort of bowl is not very suited for use with the typical modern style moassels we all use but it's great for tombac.

My guess is that may not seal properly so i'd take the time to measure all the parts that need to seal and buy a bunch of gaskets from the various mail order shops. You likely will have to use a bit of electrical tape to get the fittings just right.

Also, since it may have been used for illicit substances I'd suggest a super strength cleaning before you use it. Use a pumice based cleaner and invest in some very high quality nylon brushes (i've a link were to get the later here in an old thread) and lots of elbow grease. Next, a bunch of scrubbing with a mix of baking soda and lemon juice followed by lots of hot water.

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