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Default I keep burning the shisha.. what am i doing wrong?

Hi everyone. First post here!

I am having a small problem with my hookah i think. Well, its probably not the hookah, im sure its something Im doing wrong. I just have a regular clay bowl, and I have tried a few different coals (usually whatever my tobacco store has on hand). Tonight I am using "Pharaoh's" quicklight coals. I packed the bowl till it was near the top, but a few cm below the top. I lit the coal and made sure it was nice and red before I put it on top. At first I couldnt get any smoke really, so I heated up another coal on the side while I tried to get it going with one coal (to no real avail). When the second coal was ready, I plopped it on top of the bowl and I started getting a lot more smoke, but I could tell it was burning. Is this just a problem with these crappy coals? Am I putting too much tobacco in it? Oh, and i am using a mixture of al-waha pineapple and mint (dont know if that makes a difference).

What do you guys think? I am on the verge of ordering so coconaras... do you think that would help??

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