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Default Re: I keep burning the shisha.. what am i doing wrong?

i also use quicklights. i duno if pharaoh QL are in discs, but all the QL coals i've used are discs. after lighting them to red hot, i usually break them in half using my tongs. then put them on opposite sides of the bowl. let them sit for ~6-10 min to let it heat up the shisha, depending on how wet it is. try doing that before adding another coal, since it seems like if you add 2 at a time its just going to burn it. if that doesn't work, try breaking 2 coals into halves, then only use 3 of them and put them in a triangular formation. from my experience, thats more than enough for my regular MYA bowl.

also, if you notice wisps of smoke coming up from your bowl (a good sign that your shisha is burning and you have too much heat) when you're not taking a pull, take off one of the half discs, then rearrange the other two half coals so that they're opposite each other. let it cool down, and then later you can add the third half again
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