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Default Re: Best Hookah for the Money?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Common Chambers. And in most Mya models, the center is very rough, almost mountainous, and there's no way to get the ghost flavors out of that area.
i would debate how hard they are to clean, i will say they will rip up a new cleaning brush really quick but i found a good scrubbing with dawn soap then filling the top part of the stem with lemon juice for like 30 seconds then a final rinse is a good enough to kick out any and all flavor (i even do it the day after i smoke right before i pack it up again and have no lingering flavors). the dawn will degrease and kick out all the junk and the lemon will essentially etch it very lightly and kill any noticeable smell/taste in it.

yes not as easy as a smooth bored stem and all but not bad at all

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