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Default Re: I keep burning the shisha.. what am i doing wrong?

Originally Posted by Atari007 View Post
haha, is al-waha crap? Its all they sell at my local shop.... It just recently that Ive even thought about hookah forums and ordring all of this stuff online! I have been reading about some of these others and think that Im going to place an order for some of the better stuff.....

I honestly havent heard much about al-waha, and dont know much about the quality of any the shishas out there....

Im still learning!

By the way, im just got this new bowl going, and so far, it seems to be doing well!!
Al Waha is at the lower end of the shisha chain. It's not all completely bad, just a lower quality shisha. Definitely sounds to me like you might be using too much heat, Al Waha burns super quick from my experience, and it's a harsh smoke anyways. Try splitting one coal in half and placing it on the rim of the bowl. using two sheets of foil instead of one. From personal experience with Al-Waha I'd just stay away from it. Nasty stuff. AF was good to me, and romman was good. Both relatively cheaper shisha. Haha a few here would dissagree on AF, and Nahkla is king.
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