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Default Re: I keep burning the shisha.. what am i doing wrong?

al-waha isnt the best shisha, but that isnt the issue here. I am going to say that you should just try the windcover first and foremost. The screen thing is irrelevant imo (sorry pixelz). Also, what are you doing for a hole pattern? I prefer to use a needle and poke a buhjillion holes in it.

if the windcover doesnt work, then try splitting the coals (i always find i shatter the damn things when i try). Try that with and without the cover.

But in the long run, my suggestion is make an upgrade. Get you some natural coals. I prefer coconut coals. Coconaras are spendy but great. ******* Hookah coals are awesome (and come in a QL variety which is VERY good also), and i have heard great things about Al Fakher's new coconut coals, although i am not sure of any vendors we are allowed to mention carry them. (dont PM me on this, i wont tell you. haha. I support HP and its rules)
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