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Default Re: I keep burning the shisha.. what am i doing wrong?

Originally Posted by Atari007 View Post
Ok, well, when I made my last post it was 9:33. It is now 10:06 (according to my computer anyway, lol) and its pretty much done. :| I lit a coal, got my bowl ready, broke the coal up into about 3 pieces (they are kinda hard to break up with tongs... any suggestions?) and put them around the edges. I put the windcover on and gave it about 5 minutes to warm up. While I was giving it that little bit of time, i got another coal started so that I could use some of it if I needed to. For about 15 minutes i got some decent clouds and some "ok" taste, then it noticably started to suffer. After that I went ahead and broke up the other coal and put a little more on there. It seems to help for another 10 minutes or so, but since i started writing this, it has diminished to almost nothing and a harsher smoke.

Bleh. I may try a few more times and just kinda play with it tonight, but I think I am going to order a phunnel bowl, some cococnaras and some good shisha.

Any specific suggestions on the shisha? Im thinking about getting some starbuzz peaches and cream.. (I think its call starbuzz at least, haha)

Oh, and I think im going to try to stick with the foil...
for cutting/breaking coals i suggest doing it when they are not lit (flying sparks inis not good in a home) score them with a serrated knife and break them apart then light.

are you moving you coals around too?

as to coals and brands/flavors cocnaras are good coals, johns coals (******* hookah) are similar, not as good side by side but much cheaper so it is worth it and has lead a lot of us to go with his (same price coconaras=84 coals, johns= 132)

as to brands, starbuzz is alright, pricey, kinda fake flavors (some like it some dont) and some times can be a pita to manage heat on and get good flavor. nakhla is pretty easy to set up but has much more natural flavors and is a little more kick for those not used to it but good smoke. AF is ok, kinda fake flavors, some times not really consistent. i would say dont touch tangiers at this point, i like it but you need to figure out how to set up a good bowl first.

i know you said a normal Egyptian bowl but if it is a mya bowl ("egyptian" but very deep) you may have issues with it, i had issues with it tasting burnt even though it was not).

make sure the seals are all good including the bowl/stem seal, i didnt notice mine was not setting fully and after i fixed it got much better sessions (and ive been using my rig for a couple months with no issues and didnt notice it was leaking).

as to pharos coals, IIRC the local lounge used them for a while and sold them, and i think they were hit and miss, some were great and others didnt burn well, exploded, etc

also what type of foil are you using? if you are using normal "standard" foil, double it up

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