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Default Re: Need some help with banners / video intros for current contest!

I;d be happy to make some banners, especially for vids!

Just wondering, what is the font that is mainly used in HP's official banner (the one that is sort of "arabic" theme)? I've been trying to find out what the font is!

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
if you see my new vids i just took my old vids and cut them up, i cant really replicate that.

If you want some text and image play, then you may wanna ask jil she's been doing a good job with that.

sorry to dime you out jil lol.
Heh thanks! Bahaha no worries

All I just do is put in pictures into the time line in iMovie and it has options on it to let it zoom in or out.

For pictures, I edit them with Adobo Photoshop

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