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Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i honestly didnt find the black style stuff to be very hard to smoke (kass super from nakhla) maybe im missing the flavor i should be getting but it seems fine to me, i will have to find a knowledgeable middle easterner to try it and tell me if i am wasting my tobacco or not. the black style stuff is interesting no doubt but for sure not for everyone and not an everyday smoke for me

If you smoke it as is and plunk the coals right on top of the moassel I think you'll find that it's harsh and very unpleasant. I know some people do it that way but in my travels it is my experience that such a method is far less common then something closer to what I described. The no foil, direct heat method is better used with straight tombac. If you doubt me try both ways and then get back to me. I've gotten to know enough people and tried stuff in differing degrees of freshness to learn a little about his sort of thing.
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