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Default Here is one of my hookahs. Should it have grommets?

I have this hookah, and it has always had this hose with wooden ends. Well, Ive always just jammed the end of the hose into the port on the hookah, and it seems to make a good seal (assuming because its wood). Well... Should I actually have grommets for this guy?

I am also about to place an order for a nammor hose... will I need some grommets for this guy?

Oh... and Im picking up a phunnel bowl as well. Will I need a bigger grommet for that as well??

Heres my hookah:

Not very good pix, but you should get the idea.

Does anyone know what "kind" this is anyway? The guy I got it from said that he got it from a Romanian girl that had bought it over there.... Any ideas?
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