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Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Yea, the base made quite the explosion. Considering i had ice in it before smoking it and it was prolly very brittle. I found glass pieces about 7 feet landed on carpet mind you
being cold wont make it brittle (at least by any measurable amount) in fact when blowing glass it is easier to break when it is hot as apposed to "cold" (granted cold is 900-1000*f and hot when you can break it is probably 1200-1300 give or take but still)

if it broke on carpet it had to be made poorly or hit something very hard on the way down. i would be willing to be there was a flaw in the glass or there was some tinny cracks you couldnt see that got there some how before hand (be it from shipping, use, or just poor crafting)

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