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Default Re: Table for Hookah

i would go with glass for the top, if the coal is on it long enough to crack it then you have other issues. i just wouldnt glue the glass down (incase you do crack it for what ever reason you can replace it more easily)

as to wood, i would not get pine, i made a nice coffee table over the sumer out of fir, its kinda of expensive but its nicer wood, harder than pine and sturdy.

as to paint your gona want a good primer, color layer and some clear coat.

i went with an enamel from Sherwin williams (comes in a red can just dont remember what else it is called) there is a primer and top coat in this "brand" or what ever you want to call it and it is pretty reasonably priced. i applied it all with a spray gun that was like 30 bucks from lowes and not to hard to use (you have to cut the paint with paint thinner though to get it to spray). as to a top coat i went with a polyurethane also sprayed on (iirc you do not cut the poly but ask and check around) just be very careful to not over spray in general, i put to much on of the poly coat and got some runs that are basically impossible to get out (and i was on a time schedule so it was bad).

as to shape any thing that is not squared off is going to be hard in general, and if you dont have a miter box even that will be hard.

if you have more specific questions and stuff feel free to pm me, its not hard by any means to make it you just need to plan it out well, ill have to get some pics of my table, kept meaning to for a while but never did

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