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Default Re: Hookah in Bucket of Ice?

Originally Posted by skatefree2k View Post
your only going to notice cool smoke to cretin point. i don't feel the difference between cold tap water and a base filled with ice and water, it seems the same to me. if your friend thought that was cool, try putting hot water out of the faucet (not boiling). you get twice as much flavor, and the smoke doesn't even feel warm because of the distance it travels through the hose. the amount of smoke lacks because...
cold water = lots of smoke, less flavor
hot/warm water = less smoke, more flavor

its like when you take cheese out of the fridge and eat it cold. it tastes ok, but when you let it come to room temp its amazing, or like with beer. you drink a good or bad beer cold its going to taste like beer but if you let it warm up a bit. (45-50 degrees) the shit beer with be horrible, but the good beer is going to be amazing. the flavors come out to full strength.

just something to try.
I think beer tastes better when it's warm, at lease with most beers. Ice cold beer is nasty, I like it to be room temp.
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