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Default FYI if you're ordering from Sahara smoke soon

While visiting a shop a buddy of mine owns he informed me he was very stressed out today becuase of problems with Sahara Smoke. It seems for their hookahs themselves, specificly the smaller ones, there's a LOT of manufacturing problems lately due to a switching in the process of how their made. Sahara actually had to send people to the factories to figure out what the problem was. My friend said that out of the 10 SS hookahs he sold recently, 6 came back asking for refunds due to problems with leaks. Since the problem is being investigated it seems that SS isn't being that helpful for refunds or exchanges. Also they had a crapload of defective vortex bowls sent out recently as well (instead of holes in the cone, there's holes in the bottom of the bowl of all things).

I'd be careful ordering such things from them for at least the next month or two.
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