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Default Is it wierd..

That i tried a sample of Black Label Herbal Mixed Fruits from my homie Tekno_Monkey and i love the shit? hahaha
I have never smoked a herbal shisha and i thought herbal was going to be as bad as everyone said in the vids and i almost didn't even try it because i didn't want to waste cocos... but... this really fuckn surprised me lol.
Shittty clouds but i expected that anyway, but the flavor for this was awesome omfg.
I would say that this owns SB Sweet Melon (in terms of flavor, but not cloud size) .
Threw it in my funnel, 6 cocos, and two and a half hours later here i am.
I dunno what herbal flavors everyone else has had but this flavor i will buy and do recommend everyone to try.

Btw Tekno got his new batch of samples, Your ClusterF^%k Heroes will be back with vid reviews EVERY SOON!
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