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Default Epic Order


3 Boxes of CH Naturals

500g Tangiers Peach Iced Tea
250g Tangiers Kashmir Peach
250g Tangiers Kashmir Cherry
250g Tangiers F-Line Orange Soda
250g Tangiers Tropical Punch
250g Tangiers Blueberry
250g Tangiers Melon Blend

500g Nakhla Grape
250g Nakhla Arabian Coffee

Spending more of that tax return... and I still don't have it haha.


February 14th 2009

This is probably the single largest shisha order I have made. I should be set for awhile. Haha.

500g Nakhla Sweet Melon
250g Nakhla Mizo Mint
250g Nakhla Mizo Grape
250g Nakhla Sherazade Cardomon
250g Nakhla Zaghloul

250g Tangiers Horchata
250g Tangiers Static Starlight

100g Al Fakher Bubblegum
50g Nakhla Earl Grey

Lebanese Clay Bowl Female Small
Large Egyptian Clay Bowl

$87 bucks out the door from John. I couldn't wait for my tax return. Haha.

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