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Default Time to act Against Yahoo

For the most part I pay no attention to the other forum but this is something that we all need to focus on right now. It has come to my attention that yahoo is not allowing pay per click advertising for narghile related site because they are commonly associated with narcotic use. The thread at issue is:

I know we have several merchants here and they likely use PPC marketing and I hope that the merchants here vote with their dollars and take their business else where or at least express their displeasure with yahoo. I really think that all of us should on principle complain and sign the petition that the hookah hub guy is getting going.

Obviously I donít expect yahoo to do anything in response to complaints because a few hundred narghile based businesses and a few tens of thousands of shisha fans is hardly going to effect a company of that size. Still, if you allow big companies to abuse you without complaint you can expect that treatment from everyone in the corporate world. I hate the idea of being associated with a bunch of slack jawed 85 I.Q. slobs wrecking what mental ability they have and so should all of you. At least if we complain enough some people willing to think may have the opportunity to agree with us so I hope we can all act on this.
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