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Default Some questions!

Hello guys... My Km with phunnel and tangiers and starbuzz shisha are in the postoffice waiting for me to take them home on Monday

I have some questions about those products because its the first time using them. I read a lot in the forums but i just wanted a place with all my questions to be answered! Thanks in advance!

1. Im getting the Tangiers Lucid line. I read that it doesnt need to be acclimated like the normal line. Is it true or its better to just leave it air for a couple of hours after opening it?

2. Whats the setup of Tangiers Lucid line in a phunnel? Overpacking it like normal line or just below the rim like the other brands? And fluffy it or pack it tight?

3. Like question 2. Starbuzz in a phunnel, just below the rim, right? Fluffy or tight?

4. About the foil. I didnt find some hd foil, so whats best for Tangiers and Starbuzz? One piece of normal foil or 2 pieces?

5. Whats the best way to clean first time a Razan washable? And the stem of the hookah?

Thanks in advance!!
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