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Originally Posted by yoyoyo View Post
Hello guys... My Km with phunnel and tangiers and starbuzz shisha are in the postoffice waiting for me to take them home on Monday

I have some questions about those products because its the first time using them. I read a lot in the forums but i just wanted a place with all my questions to be answered! Thanks in advance!

1. Im getting the Tangiers Lucid line. I read that it doesnt need to be acclimated like the normal line. Is it true or its better to just leave it air for a couple of hours after opening it?

2. Whats the setup of Tangiers Lucid line in a phunnel? Overpacking it like normal line or just below the rim like the other brands? And fluffy it or pack it tight?

3. Like question 2. Starbuzz in a phunnel, just below the rim, right? Fluffy or tight?

4. About the foil. I didnt find some hd foil, so whats best for Tangiers and Starbuzz? One piece of normal foil or 2 pieces?

5. Whats the best way to clean first time a Razan washable? And the stem of the hookah?

Thanks in advance!!
1. If the Lucid smells good at opening, smoke it then. If it's weak or off, and you can tell, mix it up and let it sit open. It doesn't need to acclimate, there's not enough nicotine, but it may need to balance out on the flavor side.

2. Pack Lucid fluffier, but a little packed down, and below the rim. I would use a ton of tiny holes, instead of less larger holes.

3. Starbuzz can be packed a bit tight or fluffy and will be a good session. Over-packing will kill it from the start though.

4. One piece works fine, but I would just say go 2 to be safe. Why not?

5. Clean all your washable items, at all times, with a mix of Lemon Juice and Baking soda. You can add water to dilute a bit, or just add liquid; but not a lot of water. This works well for the hose and for the stem.
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