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Originally Posted by yoyoyo View Post
Hello guys... My Km with phunnel and tangiers and starbuzz shisha are in the postoffice waiting for me to take them home on Monday

I have some questions about those products because its the first time using them. I read a lot in the forums but i just wanted a place with all my questions to be answered! Thanks in advance!

1. Im getting the Tangiers Lucid line. I read that it doesnt need to be acclimated like the normal line. Is it true or its better to just leave it air for a couple of hours after opening it?

2. Whats the setup of Tangiers Lucid line in a phunnel? Overpacking it like normal line or just below the rim like the other brands? And fluffy it or pack it tight?

3. Like question 2. Starbuzz in a phunnel, just below the rim, right? Fluffy or tight?

4. About the foil. I didnt find some hd foil, so whats best for Tangiers and Starbuzz? One piece of normal foil or 2 pieces?

5. Whats the best way to clean first time a Razan washable? And the stem of the hookah?

Thanks in advance!!
1-lucid doesnt need to be acclimated from what i am told, lately i have not needed to acclimate any tangiers but the lucid i just got in was fine to go. if it smells fine smoke it, if it smells way off acclimate

2-there are a few ways to go about tangiers/tangiers lucid. over all people say lucid is packed the same as normal tangiers. some people drop it in and fill it well over the rim and push the tobacco down with the foil. i do not. i pack it tightly into the bowl and leave a small space below the foil and then poke holes all the way down to the bottom (that if pretty much the general way for holes in tangiers)

3- fluffy, only tangiers should be packed tight, john for CH/HJ was packing nakhla tighter in the phunnels and said it was working out well for him but personally i get good sessions with fluffy shisha so why waste it. honestly unless you are going to smoke for 2 hours+ there is no reason to use the phunnel for anything other than tangiers (and even then with tangiers you should go at least 2 hours on the bowl so you dont just waste the shisha). i use a mod bowl for most of my smoking except tangiers

4- i cannot find HD foil any more all they have is heavy strength which is not the same, i use 2 layers of regular foil now

5-razan/nammor (same thing inside) before you use it i suggest wash it with lemon and baking soda (alternate or else you get a volcano), i found filling it with one of the 2 and water, swishing it back and forth and letting it kind of sit a min kicks the taste out the fastest, dunkel used water and vinegar and said it worked very well, others have just blown air through it for a while or smoked it out (i couldnt do that on my new nammor cause i have gotten used to just tasting the tobacco and cannot stand weird tastes from dirty rigs, or new hoses). as to the step, you hopefully are getting a stem brush with your hookah in the freebies or what not if not you should buy one or make one (take a coat hanger, straighten out, fold, twist from one end adding in strips of scotch bright green scrubbies every few inches). water and the brush usually are enough if it is a smooth stem inside, but on rougher stems like myas i use dish soap/water + brush, rinse, then put some lemon juice in for like 15-45 seconds (fill the stem) and then rinse that out and that seems to clean it very well even though you cannot really brush all the surfaces

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