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Default Re: Time to act Against Yahoo

just another excuse to ban Yahoo. I only use Yahoo for Email and reading new stories. I use Google (or for just about everything else, including my blog & youtube account (iGoogle thingy).

It's a sad state of affairs that a large company such as Yahoo has their collective head shoved up someone's backside. Instead of doing correct and responsible research, they probably just had a few complaints and did a quick scan over. As horrible as it is, many "head" shops ofter items that distubingly resemble hookahs (although most of us know better). The stigmata of Hookah is still strong in the USA...

"We have to protect our image, even if there's NO THREAT in the first place. We have to be proactive and BAN EVERYTHING, becasue SOMEBODY might think something bad of us..."

IMO it's the Baby Boomers striking back at the younger generations, becasue they are too old to enjoy all the crap they once did, they don't want any of us to enjoy anything either. Even if it's 100% legal (Tobacco)... until they try to rip that away too
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