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Default Re: salloum plain question

i treid some of it tonight, mixed with some glycerine and black strap, not much smoke at all (even compared to my kass super, in fact almost no smoke) the tobacco would not unfurl at all when i packed it (doesnt help i have a cut on my finger tip so it was unpleasant to be very aggressive) kind of like some one took tangiers and sucked almost all of the moisture out of it. the taste was ok but not much there. i think i need to mix up a good amount of it and let it sit for a week or 2 to get the moisture into the tobacco.

but ya the description almost being glued together is exactly that. i couldnt even kneed it apart in a zip lock like i do with tangiers (even kass super was easy to kneed apart).

i wish the black style tobaccos would come in a sealed bag like the flavored stuff cause i think the plastic wrap its just folded up in doesnt hold the moisture in very well

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