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Default Re: Thinking about trying Hookah..

The very first thing I would do, personally, would be try it before you buy it. You seem to know some people who smoke, so it would probably be a good idea to ask if you could try it. That way, if you don't like it, you won't spend the money on the hookah and supplies. If this isn't an option, look around your area (or check out the yellow pages, probably be easier to find one) and find a local hookah lounge. That way, you could try it for less than buying all of the supplies. What is your general area of the world? someone here may know a place where you can try it.

Second, and I mean no offense, but everyone here is going to tell you that they like it. How it is varies greatly depending on the quality of 1) your hookah, 2) the shisha, and 3) the coal. Some are better than others.

Third, yes, that is about all you need. If you will be smoking alone, A small one is definitely the way to go. Also, get a one hose hookah, you don't need more than that if you have less than 6 or so people smoking at once.
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