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Default Re: Thinking about trying Hookah..

DO NOT buy 250 grams tubs of anything until you know your going to stay with the hobby. Theres no reason to buy anything larger than 50gr samples to find things you like to start with. Read the reviews section for tobacco brands and flavor suggestions and then the vendors review section to find out who has what your looking for with the service you want and prices/specials to seal the deal. Do not buy just because anyone tells you that you need this or that from only this vendor. And no matter what anyone tells you there is not one person here who can tell you what your tastes are. Sample, learn and enjoy. I would suggest looking over the vendors for "small" starter packages that do not require you to make a big investment. And this video

Really any of Sambookas videos. And as always, your here to enjoy yourself and learn. So ask away when you have questions.
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