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Default Re: Non-Washable hoses...

Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
I think ... non-washable hoses are much much better than washable hoses ... if you smoke one flavor only ... I have a hookah and a hose that are designated only for smoking Nakhla DA .. with non-washable hoses, I get better taste ...

Also, I have a problem with washable hoses ... the smoke is always harsh .. I dont know why !!!

Non-Washable hoses FTW
well theres no way i'm going to buy one hose for all 27 flavors of shisha that i have. annnnnd i don't see any difference with harsh smoke with or without a washable hose. (with proper heat management.)

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Uh oh the KM hose fanboys will be beating upon you with their leather hoses for this post! LOL

Unwashable hoses for the most part exist because they are cheap. If your hookah came with a Razan or Nammor they'd have to charge more. Really all hookahs except KM's should come with a Razan or Nammor hose.
hahah, yeah i know. ahh well. yes they are cheap, but you can get a non-washable for $7-$10 bucks and a washable for $15-$20. i'd rather shell out the extra $5- for a washable hose that will last awhile and i know i can use over and over again, with flavors like coffee, kiwi, earl grey, after 9, etc. (w/o ruining it)
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