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Default Bought and smoked my first hookah today.....

And it was a great experience. I was with my friend and we smoked some mixed berry shisha. I bought my hookah at a local smoke shop for $29.99, charcoal for $1.59 and the tobacco for $3.50. Questions about it though, when you smoke hookah, is the flavor suppose to last in your mouth? I found it lasting only while I was taking a hit, it's not like a cigarette where it lasts and gives your mouth a bad taste. As I was taking a hit, I felt the flavor in my mouth, but after blowing out the smoke, it was gone. Also, do smoke shops sell the little balls that cover up the holes where you put in your hoses? Mine has 3 holes and I might smoke with just another person instead with two other people so it'd be a pain to insert an extra hose for no reason. If they do, are they universal or do they depend on your hookah? Here's a picture of my hookah. Also what are some good flavors that may get others into hookah? Thanks!

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