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Default Happy happy happy :D

Today i got my shipment from John, after 2 weeks! The box made a world trip from US to Cyprus and i got my order today, and all are intact!

A KM Amoura 36inch
Tangiers Lucid(Tasty peach, Horchata, Blue Gum Ball)
Starbuzz(Blue mist, citrus mist, Christmas mix)
Small phunnel
Razan Sultan
CH coals

Thanks for John, everything was delivered great and he put some presents on the order. 3 50 gr AF, cards and a lighter with a knife. What a great guy! Thanks John!

I couldnt resist and i already tried Blue mist and tasty peach on the phunnel. First time using all of them. I think i packed them right for first time, i got nice flavor and A LOT of smoke but by the time things will get even better! Lucid tasty peach was nice after opening it and having a bowl, but i will air it for some hours because it has something like an alcohol flavor in it

So, what left is to practise more on the phunnel with the hole pattern and the packing of the different brands!

Pictures will be added soon! Im so in love with the Amoura, the draw is amazing but the purge could be better
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