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Default I killed two coals!!!

This is weird as hell, but last night I lit up two 30mm discs of Golden coals to begin our session. Since it was windy, I decided to place them in between my two hookah charcoal trays, so as to protect them from the strong wind. Basically I placed them on one tray, then I covered the bottom tray with another tray on top (like how you would cover a cooking ***). So I lit them with a torch lighter, they started sparking all over and I could see the smoke coming out of the hole in the center of the tray that was on top. Anyway, I continued prepping the hookah and everything else.

When I go to uncover the tray (so that I can place the coals on top of the bowl) I notice that the coals are not lit! So I wave my hand over them to see if they're producing any heat, and nothing. I then pick them up with my fingers, and they obviously weren't lit because they didn't even feel warm. So I apply the torch lighter for several seconds on each, and nothing. They were done sparking over, and it seems like they couldn't light up to produce heat. Nothing worked. It seems to me that the gunpowder or chemical that's used to light it got used up, and because of a lack of oxygen I suppose, they might have died! I had to throw them away, regardless I'm never sandwiching coals in between two trays ever again. Has this ever happened to anyone else I thought this was weird as hell.
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