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Default Hookah Education, no enlightenment!

So, it all started with me looking for a tobacco shop in springfield ohio. Turns out there was one about a block away from my house. I go into the store, and start talking to the two girls behind the register, asking if they carried any shisha. They had no idea what I was talking about, and one of the girls became very interested in the subject. Like, she didn't know about a flavored tobacco and hookahs. I ended up going home, grabbing my hookah arsenal and returning to the shop, engaging them in conversation, showing them the different shisha I had. Explaining to them how a hookah worked, and how smoking the shisha was a really great experience. They were really interested in it haha, she wanted to buy my hookah off me right then. But I declined, and I told them about the forums, and all the different shisha products and labels. Told them about all the vendors I use to buy shisha(including Our very own John!). They seemed super interested in the products, and apparently one of them was a manager, she was interested in getting shisha into the tobacco shop as I began to mention how popular it was becoming.

Lesson of the story, talk about hookah with your locals, it's a great conversation starter and who knows, maybe your local tobacco shop will start carrying shisha too!
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