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Default Thickest Smoke

Hey first post here. I've been watching Sam's vids on youtube for quite some time now and thought I'd actually register for the forums. Anyway on to the topic at hand. Before I upgraded my hookah set-up from a really cheapo set-up I watched this video:

And you can see my signature to see my set-up. I've been looking for the best shisha to get the thickest clouds. I normally set-up my KM Parad Ice with ice in the base and the ice catch. I also keep most of the hookah in a utility freezer. The idea is to get the coldest smoke possible for the thickest clouds and most enjoyable smoking. I've mostly been using Al Fakher but am looking for suggestions. I've also tried Fumari.

So far I've had some really really good results just looking for a good tobbaco to match the great hookah set-up I've got.
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